Keeping 2014 Resolutions copyNow that another year is behind us and we look forward to the rest of 2014, I have to ask: did you make any New Year Resolutions? If you did, GOOD FOR YOU… Because a New Year resolution is more than a formal expression of your intentions, it’s the foundation of your intentions for the New Year. Now all you have to do is follow through.

We celebrate the turn of each New Year with so much hope, but shortly after some of us fall off the path to our goals. Maybe that’s because our goals for the New Year weren’t clearly defined. Or maybe we piled too much on our “TO DO LIST”. Or maybe we just get caught up with what’s in front of us. Whichever it is, let’s take this time to forget what’s in front of us, and clearly define what we want. That’s right, WRITE IT DOWN. That way we can see if we can realistically accomplish what’s on our TO DO LIST.

It’s almost a week after that magical moment when we said “Happy New Year”… That moment when we felt like we can accomplish anything in the next 12 months. Do you still feel that magic? If you don’t, maybe that’s because the magic was based on ambiguous expectations. But just know that the magic did not go away. All you need to do is clarify your expectations. We’ve all heard the 1st step to accomplishing anything is to take action. Just think where we will be at the turn of 2015 if we take action in 2014 with a MAP – Even if your resolutions are already starting to fade. If 2013 was a challenge for you, then you have a chance to make 2014 one for the history books. So for this NEW YEAR; let’s really set our sights on meeting our goals.


KEEP IT UGLY (focus)


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