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The New Religion

What is the new religion? Well as my 14 year old son cleverly highlighted recently, the new religion is Technology. When he said it, my first thought was that’s a generation thing. But then he continued with “lately people are always trying to convert you to whatever piece of technology they have, the same way religious people try to convert you to their belief.” And when I thought about it I realized he’s right, and it’s not just a generation thing. If you have an Xbox, Play-Station users will try to convert you. Have an Android Phone, iPhone users want to convert you. Have a PC, Mac users want to convert you. And the list goes on.

I got an iPad2 last Christmas, (don’t worry; I haven’t converted to the Apple religion … at least not yet… because like any religion you have to fully check it out or you could end up in a cult) and just as I’m getting comfortable with my iPad2, Apple released their iPad3. But just because I’m not ready to drink the Kool-Aid, didn’t stop some true Apple religion believers from lining up before dawn on Friday to get their iPad3 blessings. In my opinion the 3rd generation has no major changes from the iPad2, but already some of my friends that are true Apple believers are trying to convert me.

As I write this piece I can hear the echoes of conventional religious folks, but don’t worry, your form of belief isn’t going anywhere… conventional religion always finds a way to evolve with time. And now I think about it; how long do you think it’s going to be before iPads start showing up in churches? No more printed bibles or hymnals, just a church app for that.

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3 Responses to The New Religion

  1. Milky says:

    LMAO… when it comes down to electronics I am the pulp CTFU…

  2. Daniene says:

    LOL !! Funny but, real talk ! Technology has always made everything else evolve.

  3. Vicki says:

    It almost sound like some type of new colt.Or is this going to last forever.Wonder or if Apple run out of ideas .Will the world come to a end.People goes bonkers over what.A phone Ipod laptop. It’s a big deal to some and others just don’t care .They might as well open up a new church of new technology followers lol

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