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Arrest him NOW!

I would like to write this Ugly Report highlighting that the first step to justice in the Trayvon Martin’s case has been made. But as we all know that would be a lie, because his killer George Zimmerman is still a free man, although more evidence has been brought to light since my last report. Hell I even find it hard to call this situation a case because of the absence of George Zimmerman’s arrested. So far the only case that is advancing in the Trayvon Martin Situation is the one in the court of public opinion.

While the court of public opinion keeps this story on the evening news, in news papers and on the internet, George Zimmerman needs to be arrested and charged with committing a hate crime. And this has to be done fast. Why you ask? Because under Florida law if an individual is arrested BUT IS NOT CHARGED within 175 DAYS the original arrest is expunged, and the person CANNOT BE CHARGED FOR THAT CRIME EVER AGAIN IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. BLAP! I’ll bet you didn’t see that two by four coming. And I’ll bet now you’re really wondering why George Zimmerman was not charged the night he was arrested.

I wrote it in my last report and I’m writing it again… Every once in a while we get that social “Two-by-Four” upside the head that leaves us wondering what the hell happened… And the only pill we want for the headache from this two-by-four over the head, is the arrest of George Zimmerman NOW, and charge him with committing a HATE CRIME … TICK-TOCK… TICK-TOCK

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  1. Vicki says:

    Yes you’re correct it is a hate crime. Ray Charles can see that.Until they arrest the dumb nut wanna be.Florida know it’s a hate crime.Their trying to keep Florida calm.Because they are afraid that a Rodney King riot will happen again .Until they arrest & throw away the key for that Scrum Bucket. That is when I can stomach the situation.Who gave him permission to take someone else life. To me there is a big piece of puzzle that is missing. Florida police and the court better solve it quick.

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