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We have to stop using the “N” word… Nigga Please!!!

Lately there have been many debates over the use of the so-call “N” word. Some people think that the word shouldn’t be used at all… While others are saying it depends on how the word is used. And who sparked this latest debate? No other, than that Nigga Jesse Jackson. This NIGGA was overheard on FOX News dropping the so-call “N” word in a conversation with another NIGGA, expressing how he felt about that NIGGA – Barack Obama father’s-day speech on absent fathers in the black community.

That’s right people; I can’t make this shit up. Jesse Jackson used the “N” word during a taping at FOX News – of all places. Let’s not forget, about two years ago this was the same nigga who held a press conference to denounce the use of the so-call “N” word. And he went on to highlight that Rappers use the word “NIGGA” too much in their lyrics.  This is the hypocrisy and bull-shit I’m always talking about. When Rappers use the word “Nigga” in their lyrics, this “wanna-be- HNIC” (Jesse Jackson), held a press conference… Well not so fast Nigga

When the “N” word is use in our community no one is ignoring or even forgetting (for that matter) what our black ancestors here in the U.S. as well as across the globe had to endure at the use of it. This word is still being use to negatively describe blacks. But let’s keep it UGLY; the Hip-Hop generation is the first generation to psychologically, socially, and economically empower themselves with the use of the “N” word. These are the same empowerments these “so-call” black leaders are always crying they want for our community.

When asked in an interview about the use of the “N” word, Ice-Cube gave a great analogy. He said the “N” word is like a knife… You can use it for good – like to cut up your food… Or you can use it for bad – like to cut somebody up. Maybe that nigga Jesse Jackson is ready to embrace his Hip-Hop side…

I’m surprised when he made his apology speech that nigga didn’t do like these other NIGGAZ that find a way to blame Hip-Hop for everything and say some dumb shit like “I was listening to a NWA cd on the way to the interview”… NIGGA-PLEASE!!!


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